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Hydro Excavation in Salmon Arm


If you are looking for a reliable hydrovac contractor in Salmon Arm for your hydro excavation needs, then choose Big Iron Hydrovac. Our experienced technicians can help you safely locate underground pipelines, electrical lines, fibre optics, and other utility lines. To quickly locate and clear a line, hydrovacing is one of the most cost-effective methods available today.


One of the various hydro excavation services we offer is the creation of pile holes. These holes are dug specifically to create structural support foundations. We will dig the hole deep depending on the exact needs of our customer. To learn more about our services, give us a call now.

What Do We Provide?


You can expect us to provide hydro excavation services for:

Daylighting buried utilities – natural gas lines, hydro ducts, storm and sanitary lines, water main and services, fibre optics

Utility pole and anchor plate installation

Slot trenching

Vault/manhole cleaning

Lift station installation

Catch basins/sumps/car wash pit installation

Hot water boiler – steam cleaning

Industrial vacuuming

Our Specialities: Drilling and Trenching


Our technicians are skilled to complete all kinds of hydrovac jobs, whether they are big or small.

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