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Locally Owned and Operated

With years of experience and knowledge in hydro excavating services, you can count on us!

Your Trustworthy Hydrovac Company in the Salmon Arm Area

Big Iron Hydrovac is your go-to hydrovac company in Salmon Arm offering line flushing, video inspection, and hydro excavation services. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced in offering vacuum truck services in the area. Having state-of-the-art equipment, experienced and dedicated operators, and an experienced management team, we can complete day-to-day operations effectively, which sets us apart from the rest!


Locate Lines and Utilities


We understand that difficult working conditions and cold climate have made it challenging to locate underground utility lines. Hydro Excavating with high-pressure water and industrial vacuuming, can help you identify hidden utility lines. From construction and electrical contractors, to plumbers and civil contractors, we are happy to help locate all kinds of utility lines.

Storm Drain Cleaning


Catch basins and drains can become plugged with sand and debris, especially during storms - thereby arising the need to clean them thoroughly. For such a cleaning process, high-velocity cleaning equipment and debris-removing vacuum are required. During the process, a powerful vacuum is used to remove the water-loosened debris.

Water Hauling Service


Activities such as filling up your swimming pool or hot tub with water, or even washing your parking lot, definitely demand a steady and speedy supply of water. That is why we offer Interior health certified, 24-hour, top-notch water hauling solutions for potable as well as bulk water needs. 



Whether you are a construction contractor or a plumber, you can choose us as we offer:

Good-quality services

24-hour services

On-site services

Video camera inspections



Big Iron Hydrovac Services started off with 1 truck in 2012. We got the second truck in 2015; and started to provide the video inspection service in 2017 to our clients. We offer 24-hour services for your convenience.


   We can travel to your location to provide our services. Book an appointment today with our trained technicians.

Hydrovac Daylighting


Rely on us to use hydrovac for general cleaning and excavation applications such as daylighting.

Prompt Clean-up Services


Our team can rapidly clean out a culvert to do away with contaminated dirt and debris.

Thorough Pipe Inspection


We will find the cause of clogged lines or broken pipes through video inspection.

High-Quality Water Hauling Services


We can effectively supply your bulk & potable water needs anytime during the day.

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